Types of mattresses for overweight people:

The mattress is an immensely diversified and varied product, which can be divided into categories by materials, type, rigidity, quality, workmanship, and dimensions.

There are a large number of standardized mattress measures, as we have already discussed in our other articles, to which is added the multitude of custom-made mattresses that can be made on specific request, which may be smaller than normal, or larger; much larger.

If you are overweight and decide to orient yourself on a latex mattress this must be dense, made of 100% latex, and quite often.

Memory foam mattresses:

The memory foam mattress guarantees great relief from pressure points, one of the problems of those who suffer from overweight. The memory foam has the property of adapting to the shape of the body, allowing you to find the most comfortable position, and does not give resistance to pressure; Furthermore, memory foam is a rather durable material, particularly if it is of medium or high density.

Not all big sizes love memory foam mattresses because the resumption of shape is too slow and hinders movements. Another drawback is the feeling of excessive heat during sleep.

Anyone who loves memory foam (maybe because he doesn’t have a restless sleep) can opt for models with high density and thickness and for a fresh aloe coating to avoid the problem of heat.

Spring mattresses:

If we talk about the traditional models of spring mattresses then these are not mattresses suitable for obese people as the springs lose their resistance over time and the upper layers are compressed.

In addition, the springs can cause excessive pressure on points such as the hips or shoulders and at the same time do not offer adequate support in the lower back causing neck pain. Furthermore, with the passage of time, the movements in the spring models are noisy.

However, if you love spring mattresses, you should opt for independent springs with differentiated support. Visit the mattress blog Bestmattress-brand.org today, there’s more information for free.

Custom-made mattresses:

Then there are mattresses made specifically for large sizes, made-to-measure models, designed for people who weigh over 120 kg. They are often formed by the combination of HD Memory Foam (high density) and WaterFoam (high strength), both materials are able to respond perfectly to any stress while retaining their specific qualities.