Which bed size for which age?

For bed sizes necessarily to consider: The age

Choosing the size of a bed should not be rushed. It must be determined according to age. This is especially relevant for adolescents. Babies, children, and adolescents need a bed in their age group. It should provide enough space and not be too short or too narrow after only a short time. An adult must also lie completely on his bed mattress with the body and have space on the sides and ends for movement.

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Bed sizes by age: babies and children

0-1 year: baby

The little ones spend the first nine or 12 months of their new life sleeping extra. Therefore, a cuddly baby bed in the right size is very important. In the bedding industry, the sizes 60 × 120 and 70 × 140 cm have become established. These medium bed sizes, especially 60 × 120 cm, are ideal for growing into newborns until infancy.

1-3 years: infants

Toddlers are generally children up to the age of three. In this age group, the sizes 60 × 120 cm or 70 × 140 cm is also sufficient for a comfortable cot.

4-6 years: infants & children

The transition between toddler and child is fluent. Again, a cot with a mattress in the dimensions 60 × 120 cm may be sufficient. Depending on the growth, choose 70 × 140 cm or 70 × 160 cm.

6-12 years: children and schoolchildren

At age 6, a child has reached elementary school age. Taking into account the individually growing body is initially a baby and toddler bed in 70 × 140 cm still suitable. Later, the child reaches the size of a 70 × 160 cm cot. However, the child gets a strong growth spurt at this age.

12-99 years: bed systems for teenagers, adults, and seniors

Today, human body size is rapidly increasing. Even school-age children have already shown considerable growth in high school. Therefore, here is a normal adult bed with some space to grow just right. The perfect single bed is 90 cm wide and 200 cm long for a comfortable lying surface with freedom of movement. In addition to bed sizes such as 90 × 200 or 100 × 200 cm, special sizes such as 90 × 190 cm are also made.